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Chasing Success

Note: This post was written about 2 weeks ago. I just didn’t get it posted. I’ve been to about 10 more Crossfit classes since then and had a a few other successes too. And of course, a few not-so-great workouts as well. I want to chase the feeling of new accomplishments. I have written before […]

Feeling Stuck

I am working out and tracking food, but the scale won’t budge. This is hard. There is much whining and complaining going on internally. I should probably go back and read a few posts back about perspective. Seriously so very frustrated. On a brighter note, I got small PRs on two lifts this week. I […]

It’s April Already?

I’ve been told it’s time for a blog post. I’ve known this, but haven’t really had any big news to share. I’m just busy living life like everyone else.   I broke my no-frappe streak. But I did go several days without one. I just need to start over. But I did a bunch of […]

Training is a Gift

Yesterday I was a little emotional on the way to Crossfit.   I have people in my life going through actual suffering. A friend had a bad weekend because the effects of chemo are just awful. Another friend was dealing with the aftermath of her daughter being injured in an accident. My own sister is […]

Hello, March

New month, new goals   This month I want to focus on running. Not because I love running, but I do enjoy Crossfit. And I want to be able to not hate the classes that involve a little running. Since it’s hard to scale running other than by shortening the distance or with rowing, I […]