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I Bought a Dress!

I am only .6 pounds away from a 50 pound weight loss. Last week, I got a little bummed that the scale moves SO SLOWLY for me. Most of the time, I am good with that. And it’s even intentional. I know I need to establish a new lifestyle to support a smaller and stronger [...]

Making Exercise Work for Me

Lately, the topic of liking exercise seems to be coming up in the places I visit online or in the podcasts I listen to. It’s been interesting to think about. I wanna see if I can get some of my thoughts out in this post about how my thinking has changed about exercise and how [...]

There Is No Wagon

As in, you can’t fall off of it. Think about all the times you or people you know have waited to get started with a diet (or whatever) until Monday or maybe until the New Year. When we do this, we are taking on that wagon mentality. We are going ALL in, whether we know [...]

Going Wheat Free

Going Wheat Free

I feel like Superwoman.   In my research about paleo, I stumbled across the book Wheat Belly, a book I had heard of but always ignored in the past. But I had some business travel and time on airplanes to kill, so I started reading it on my Kindle. I am not finished, but the [...]