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Only Is A Bad Word

“Oh, you deadlifted 300 pounds? I only deadlifted 200 pounds.”   That word only changes everything about that sentence, doesn’t it? One of my goals has GOT to be to eliminate the word “only” from my vocabulary. At least in this context. It totally undermines my achievements. Maybe I should use one of my husband’s favorite […]

Success Saturday February 28, 2015

Success Saturday February 28, 2015

2-28-15 I’ve been beating myself up lately. Negative self talk and doubts have been taking their toll. So I think a success post is in order. Here are a few things I accomplished or did for myself or others this week.   I got a PR on my back squat – 148 pounds I got […]

Homeschooling 2.0.

It’s ironic that I named this blog Finally Jennifer because I was doing something for myself – getting healthy. And now I am making plans to do what I did for a decade when I was doing a lot of unhealthy stuff. I am going to homeschool again! But this time, I am older and […]