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Reasons to Train

Yesterday I posted about the importance of words, specifically the difference between training and exercising.   Today I want to share reasons to train or not train.   Reasons to Train: To get better at something Because I love my body and want to take care of it Because I love my family and want […]

Words Matter

In our businesses, we have learned that words matter, we choose to use words like team over staff, price over bill or fee, agreement over contract. We have changed our language to change our culture and our mindset. A big part of improving my health is adjusting my mindset. I’ve been reading a lot of […]

How I Modify Pushups

I’ve said over and over that I have to modify many movements. So I thought I might share some of the ways I do that.   A pushup is one exercise I actually love to do. But that wasn’t always the case. I used to do knee pushups, but really felt I wasn’t getting anywhere […]

Marissa Nailed It

This quote from Marissa Mayer is right on. Of course I am thinking about fitness and Crossfit when I read it, but you can apply it to business (probably how she meant it as the Yahoo! CEO), relationships, or just about anything else.   I always did something I was a little not ready to […]