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Let the Coaches Coach

In our gym (and in many Crossfits I imagine), there is a poster hanging up like this. There are several good reminders on there, but today’s rant will feature just the part about letting the coaches coach.   Leave the technical advice to the coaches.     That’s it in a nutshell. I feel like […]

A Life Worth the Sacrifice

“Live a life worth the sacrifice.” Jake German, my favorite coach at Swamp Rabbit Crossfit Every Memorial Day, Crossfitters all over the country (the world?) participate in honoring fallen soldiers by doing the workout, Murph. It’s named after Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy, who was killed in action in Afghanistan on June 28th, 2005. We do […]

Chasing Success

Note: This post was written about 2 weeks ago. I just didn’t get it posted. I’ve been to about 10 more Crossfit classes since then and had a a few other successes too. And of course, a few not-so-great workouts as well. I want to chase the feeling of new accomplishments. I have written before […]

Feeling Stuck

I am working out and tracking food, but the scale won’t budge. This is hard. There is much whining and complaining going on internally. I should probably go back and read a few posts back about perspective. Seriously so very frustrated. On a brighter note, I got small PRs on two lifts this week. I […]

It’s April Already?

I’ve been told it’s time for a blog post. I’ve known this, but haven’t really had any big news to share. I’m just busy living life like everyone else.   I broke my no-frappe streak. But I did go several days without one. I just need to start over. But I did a bunch of […]