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I Need Good News

Seriously. The scale is not my friend. But I need it. What the heck kind of co-dependent thing is this that the scale and I have going? I am 5 days in since I first got brave enough to weigh and I am basically at a stand still. Up .2 pounds which is barely anything […]

Nothing Fancy

Well I did it. I got over myself and decided to step on the scale. It’s been so long that it actually took me a minute to figure out how to turn it on. (Yes, I have a scale that needs to be turned on. It’s fancy. But out-of-date fancy.) Nothing shocking. My clothes told […]

Starting Over

Momentum is so powerful. I had it for a while. I was losing weight and working toward so many healthy changes to my diet. I’m not sure where I lost it, but I think it was about a year ago. Or maybe not long after I finished a very successful Whole 30. Sugar found its […]

Only Is A Bad Word

“Oh, you deadlifted 300 pounds? I only deadlifted 200 pounds.”   That word only changes everything about that sentence, doesn’t it? One of my goals has GOT to be to eliminate the word “only” from my vocabulary. At least in this context. It totally undermines my achievements. Maybe I should use one of my husband’s favorite […]