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Homeschooling 2.0.

It’s ironic that I named this blog Finally Jennifer because I was doing something for myself – getting healthy. And now I am making plans to do what I did for a decade when I was doing a lot of unhealthy stuff. I am going to homeschool again! But this time, I am older and […]

The Crossfit Blues

Bear with me while I work out my frustrations in writing. I have written about how Crossfit was a good fit and I loved it before. That was all true. And some of it still is. I love the Olympic Lifting class I go to twice a week. I love all the coaches. As far […]

2015 Goals

2015 Goals

I make goals most years, but I hardly ever reach most of them. I still think they help to push me in the right direction. So here are my goals (mostly fitness related) for 2015. I may tweak these. Some may disappear completely and some may be added as the year goes on.   Tracking […]

The Real Me

A friend passed away recently. Actually, I am not sure if it’s fair that I call myself friend. I hadn’t seen her in YEARS and we were never super close. But I had known her since I was a young child, probably kindergarten, and all the way through high school. We went to the same […]